Many men experience emotional stress toward having sexual contact that causes sexual dysfunction. These difficulties may be manifested barely in erection time or maintained over time, premature or delayed ejaculation and decreased sexual desire. Performance anxiety can have a variety of factors: Social or cultural expectations affecting self-image regarding masculinity and masculinity. Tense and intense lifestyle. A general tendency for anxious behavior. Disturbing thoughts that
Almost every man will have to cope at some point in his life with erectile dysfunction. This is an inevitable but fairly common phenomenon at some point in life. However, if the problem is chronic and repeated, professional intervention may be required. Erectile dysfunction may have many different characteristics: Lack of sexual desire, or weak desire. Difficulty in gaining a strong erection. An inability
The children are with friends, the house is quiet and pleasant, things get hot and...Is it all over before it started? The phenomenon of premature ejaculation is very frustrating and may significantly impair the self-image, the intimacy between the couple and the sense of masculinity. Many believe that reaching orgasm in less than 10 minutes is considered premature ejaculation, but
It is clear to us that it is important for you that it be good for you and that the encounter between you be mutually pleasant. Therefore, it is easy to understand the size of frustration when you have once again reached satisfaction before it even started. Sound familiar? The phenomenon is more common than you thought. After all, when